Therapy that is clear about empowering healing and change in a way that embodies one’s self and others as a whole.


I’m so glad you’re here and recognize it comes with discretion and courage when looking for someone to help you work out the personal areas in your life and relationships. Let me acknowledge that I value and understand this, and hope I can help you navigate to the best support and resources for what you specifically need.



My name is Crystal St. John and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist offering individual, couple and group therapy in North County San Diego and Temecula areas. To learn more about me and the services I provide please click below. I honor the space to partner and support my clients’ needs, and believe in developing a treatment plan that is unique and individualized towards my client’s specific goals.

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Why & What is Clearly Defined?

I’ve titled my counseling practice “Clearly Defined & Embodied” because I not only specialize in various areas of mental health and physical wellness, I also believe one of the most powerful aspects of healing is the power of bringing things into the light and by allowing ourselves to see things clearer, we’re then able to fully “embody” and embrace ourselves as we are while we heal.

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This blog is a space I have intended to be a place of thoughts, resources, support and connection. I’ve included various thoughts of my own as well as insight from others on different topics that tend to arise in both therapy and wellness, resources and even a recipe or two!

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