“When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability... To be alive is to be vulnerable.”
— ― Madeleine L'Engle



Life comes with it’s many twists and turns and at times when things get hard, too often we feel we have to go it alone. I value the individual story, experiences and perspective of each person I see to support and walk alongside in these different and challenging spaces and seasons in life. I truly believe each individual is one’s own author of their life and expert of their story and I hold the space to grow and support a person in their healing as sacred. For some, individual therapy can be a long term process and for others it’s just for a season. However that may look, I work collaboratively to cultivate healing and growth.

— Elon Kornél


Whether it be navigating a dating relationship, premarital to married I work with and support couples at various stages. I work with couples to work through and grow in communication, connection, challenges and changes. I believe understanding can often be one of the biggest shifts in connection and communicating and I seek to support this in my work with couples.

— Silvester Shadrach


Families are diverse and colorful pictures of many different personalities under one household. I work to understand, come alongside and even dwell within a family system to support effective communication, healthy boundaries and connection. Family can be the foundation of our understanding of relationships and at times can be both the most sacred or painful space in our lives. I aim to come alongside and support families towards healing and health from all types of backgrounds and dynamics.

— Théophile Juho


Pre, during & post birth

Perinatal mental and emotional care and support can too often go overlooked in the process of pregnancy. While exciting, many women have histories of traumatic or difficult backgrounds that can impact the process of pregnancy, labor and delivery. Transitions such as pregnancy can surface some of these areas and using my background and training in trauma I hope to offer a space of support, healing and hope. My heart is to support women and spouses in their walks of this stage from family planning, pregnancy, labor and delivery to postpartum issues. There’s a variety of ways this can impact a woman and her family. Not only physically, also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am committed and devoted to support women and their families in their walk with the hope to support an emotionally healthy journey in pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

— Aeschylus Pluto

Early Family Transitions

Pregnancy and perinatal care does not only impact mom, but dad/the spouse and the rest of the family too. It can also be a lot of impact on older siblings in the family. Change and new beginnings is beautiful and challenging. I aim to support families as they walk through these early beginnings and changes and to solidify connection, healthy communication and self care for each family member individually and together as a unit, to embrace and embody the changes a young family brings. I work with a variety of early family transitions including new parents, adoption & sibling support with adjusting to these changes.

— Ketill Nikica

Eating/Food Issues & Support in Eating Disorder Recovery

I have had extensive experience working with those struggling with an eating disorder and/or food related issues. I’ve worked in multi levels of support including residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and private practice. In my current work I come alongside to support those actively seeking to maintain their recovery. My approach is accepting, understanding and compassionate. Too often the battles we face within ourselves can be so isolating and my approach is to step in these difficulties to offer support and hope.

— Caelinus Gafar

Exercise & Body Image Issues

Similarly to eating and food related issues, many people I have worked with have struggled with their bodies. For some, the issues are a means of control, others escape and even at times avoidance or punishment. Movement and exercise are a good thing, however when a good thing becomes an ultimatum, it can lead to destructive habits and behaviors or even disrupt the relationship one has with their own body. I offer empathic support with a holistic and intuitive centered approach. My background prior to therapy was personal training, wellness and classes. I integrate these into my treatment as needed to support one’s individual needs in these areas.

— Yvon Dakota

Faith & Spirituality

My professional background has been diverse in my experience with the helping field. Prior to my work in therapy, I’ve worked and served in various ministry capacities for a variety of ages and backgrounds. I offer this for those seeking to navigate and incorporate areas of their faith and spirituality within their personal healing and growth. I have academic background in Christianity and while I never impose my own spiritual agenda or lens on anyone, I can and will offer this to support one’s own journey in a holistic and compassionate way.

— Chan Brian

Group Therapy available as provided…

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